Main Features

Very careful attention has been taken during the developement of the software to answer the needs of acoustics professionals. This leads to a user friendly interface that allows a quick modelling of the absorbent system and easy access to the results, plus some additional features to import, compare and export data.

The model is built by choosing different Tabs. The first Tab allows the user to define the characteristics of the porous absorbent (thickness, flow resistivity.), and the other Tabs correspond to different types of facings.

Fac Nofac 1 Fac PanelFac PerfsFac SlatsFac Slots


 All the results are given in third octave band. Access to these results is also made through other Tabs, which let the user choose between a graphical representation of the absorption coefficient (normal or random incidence), an image in the complex plane of the specific impedance of the system, or a table presenting the values of the absorption of the system, and the specific impedance, propagation coefficient and Transmission Loss of the first Layer of porous material.

Res AbscoRes ImpRes Tab

ZORBA also provides the two main standard single number absorption coefficients NRC and Alpha Weighted for every calculation.

Special Features

Special Features

ZORBA offers elegant ways to export the results of the calculations. The user can generate a page of summary of the calculation and either print it or create a PDF file with it. It is also possible to copy the absorption results to the clip board to permit them to be transferred to other software (Excel, Word.).

In order to be able to compare the performance of the design and some required absorption data, it is possible to import a reference spectrum and depicit it on the graph of the absorption.